Dta Volume Sourcing Agreement

The new agreement means that government agencies wishing to cooperate with Third-Party Support for Enterprise Software could now do so at the national level. While the Volume Acquisition Agreement (VSA) allowed the agencies to acquire Office 365 and Azure, Government Services Minister Stuart Robert and Microsoft both indicated that the latest version contained lower terms and prices. However, their main goal is to „make things easier,“ said the useful explainer, released last week with Oracle`s announcement, to buy through the volume acquisition agreement. These agreements are published on DTA websites in order to make them more accessible. Coordinating procurement through volume acquisition agreements is part of the government`s commitment to simplify ICT purchases for agencies and industry. Government agencies can now access the agreement. The agreement will apply to federal, regional and territorial governments and will provide agencies with access to competitive prices and comprehensive conditions for the digital transformation of the front and back office. The sourcing volume agreement with Redmond is expected to hold less than 2% of the federal government on-site office licenses. The new agreement, the fourth iteration of the entire government agreement, was colored in July to accelerate the deployment of the cloud across government. This is because Microsoft does not sell its products directly. Instead, certified partners and resellers are used.

We have signed an agreement with Data3 to be the only provider (known as the Licensed solutions provider) to government agencies that use this agreement. Volume acquisition agreements have been concluded with several large private companies, which the DBA believes will contribute significant savings to the state and ultimately to taxpayers. The DTA also offers volume transfer agreements with Rimini Street, Amazon Web Services, SAP, Microsoft, Concur and IBM. The Digital Transformation Agency has signed its seventh sales contract with a foreign technology giant, this time with Oracle, to facilitate the purchase of government customers from these multinationals. The new agreement will make it easier for agencies to acquire Oracle`s hardware, software, cloud and service offerings, while using economies of scale, efficiency and flexibility in purchasing. The DBA continues to develop volume agreements to ensure that agencies have access to the best prices and conditions that benefit from the government`s purchasing power. The agreement was also expected to be „less than two per cent of the Commonwealth… old local office licenses.“ The DTA has signed seven of these volume transfer agreements with AWS, Concur, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Rimini Street and SAP. Six of them are U.S.-based multinationals and SAP, headquartered in Europe.