Listen To The Four Agreements Online

Peter Coyote has the audio story of this novel and with all his experience. He managed to impress listeners with his impeccable voice and tonal quality. I couldn`t finish this. They don`t learn anything new. I found it to be at best a reminder of what to always keep in mind. But it`s all the common sense of things that everyone knows with a little empathy the desire to communicate, to connect and to be heard already. When you fight, it`s a good listening, to remind you how you are, how good you are for the world and how you can be someone who can welcome the good. It`s a wonderful book. If you really listen and take it on board, it has the potential to completely change your life (and the one around you) for the best it can be.

Simple ideas, but total meaning. Peter Coyote tells it beautifully and the length is perfect to get the message across concisely and concisely, while allowing you to absorb his wonderful messages. I can`t recommend it enough. It`s not often that I get a „buzz“ from a book, but I`m scolding now. Do yourself a favor…. A great philosophy. Great story. Very relaxing to hear. It teaches how we are one with the universe. It helps you calm down our daily stress and problems by focusing on what you can do to be a better person, instead of worrying about things that are taken care of. I really enjoyed this book.

this book absolutely loved. it`s a need to read/hear. It is short and soft, perfect for hearing during the ride, on vacation or if you devote yourself a little time. The principles are simple, but powerful. I was looking for a book that could open my mind to new thoughts and perspectives after reading Dan Millman`s amazing The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. It is sad to say that there are very few books that can really change your life, despite the bold assertions of many, but this path and the path of the peaceful warrior (at least for me) mentioned above has really contributed to a remarkable change in my life. If they find out that you spend your days thinking, „It has to be more to live than that, then you`re right!“ And these two books could help you see this opportunity. I would recommend this book to anyone involved in depression, trust or dissatisfaction in life. I often listen to this book. The lessons, even if they are simple in concept, are profound. Enjoy x Peter has a soft voice.

Don has wonderful wisdom. It`s the direct answer to all my torment. It`s like he`s talking to me and giving me guidance on my particular situation with my surroundings. I felt resentment, anger at the rude and reckless behaviour of my family and friends. It may not be easy, but I will really change the situation and be immune to his behavior using this technique.