This Agreement Shall Commence Means

„party,“ the „Skilldeal SPRL“ collectively and the client; 20.1 The absence of leniency, delay or delay by a party in or before the implementation of the service delivery agreement cannot be regarded as a waiver of that party`s rights under the service agreement, nor should it exclude the application or exercise of that party`s rights under the service delivery agreement. 6.4 None of the parties is liable to the other party for claims filed by a contracting party more than two years after the termination date of the service contract. 21.7.3 „working day“ refers to a bank opening day in the city or elsewhere where the communication is sent. „Website“ refers to the collection of Hyper Text Mark-Up Language (HTML) web pages, server pages (ASP, PHP, JSP, ASPX, …), files, images, dynamic information and machine-readable object code, as it is on the day of this change and additions. THIS SERVICES GESTION ACCORD (this „agreement“) will be concluded and concluded on May 4, 2007 (effective date) between Acme Holding Corporation („Acme“), Astute Advisors LLC („Contractor“) and Don R. Jones („Jones“). Sometimes the parties use the validity date to refer to a future date on which either agreement will occur. For example, the following comes from a January 2004 employment contract and probably refers to the date on which the worker will actually start working: 16.2.3 EDI pays the subscriber any subscription amount corresponding to a period after the end of the service contract, net of the amount of unpaid fees. Both parties agree that, during the implementation of the agreement and for a period of two years thereafter, they cannot solicit, employ or otherwise hire, directly or indirectly, a person who has been an agent or advisor to the other party during the reporting period. When a contracting party employs or imposes on a person who violates the provisions of this provision, it pays the other contracting party, as a liquidated method, an amount equal to the double annual salary and/or compensation of employees or employees paid to that person by the other party in the previous twelve months immediately.