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A digital nomad is someone who can work remotely while traveling from one place to another. It has become popular with younger generations who travel to countries with lower tax rates, lower cost of living and improved lifestyles. An employment contract and supplements can be concluded through the exchange of electronic documents. In this case, the location of the employer is indicated as the place where the employment contract was entered into. No later than three calendar days after the conclusion of the employment contract, the employer must provide the individual with a paper copy of the employment contract, duly executed, by letter recommended with confirmation of delivery. The sending of documents relating to the conclusion of an employment contract (Article 65 of the Labour Code) must be carried out by sending copies in the form of electronic documents. However, at the employer`s request, the job seeker must send the documents in the form of notarized copies by recommended letter with confirmation of service or notification. In Italy, intelligent work is defined as an agreement between the parties without specific restrictions regarding working time and in the workplace and with the possible use of technology to carry out the work. [15] n. a person or company that provides services to another person or entity under a contract between them, conditions such as customs duties, remuneration, the amount and nature of the work, as well as other matters. An independent contractor differs from a worker who regularly works for an employer.

The exact nature of the independent contractor`s relationship with the party who hires him has become crucial, since an independent contractor pays his own social security, income tax without deduction of wages, has no pension rights or health plan and is often not entitled to a work allowance. Public bodies, particularly the Internal Revenue Service, carefully review independent contractual agreements when it appears that the contractor is very similar to a staff member. An independent contractor must be able to determine when and where the work is done, be able to work for others, provide clean equipment and other factors that indicate true independence. (See: Collaborators) Under the revised labour code, an employer would not have the right to create additional grounds for the dismissal of a remote worker in an employment contract. Under the new law, remote work (called in Russian remote work) is considered to be work outside the employer`s place of activity, its branch, its representation or another place that is not subject to the employer`s control. The new law stresses the need to organize communication through modern computer telecommunications equipment, by making the use of the facilities of different computer telecommunications network channels, including the internet, a necessary prerequisite for working remotely to perform the work and interact with the employer. Since our contracts are subject to the legal requirements for written forms, they can only be signed with a handwritten or certified electronic signature. The certified electronic signature must have a certificate of trust (certified by a certification body (CA) that is displayed by clicking.

A certificate created by yourself, a signature marked with a computer mouse or inserted as an image file, as well as a scan of the signed agreement are not allowed for our agreements.